About us

The tasty is open mon.-fri. 7:00 am to 11:00 pm.
sat.-sun. 0:00 am to 0:00 pm

Discover Our Story

After more then two decades of fine-tuning, we have what you see today

We are continuously focused on bringing our guests globally inspired creations using high-quality ingredients. The result is a menu of bold global fusion flavors you are sure to crave. While we pride ourselves on creativity, we never lose sight of serving warm, tasty comfort food and signature cocktails.

Situated on Yonge Street, north of Lawrence Avenue in the heart of a populated upper-middle-class neighbourhood, the concept was simply to create a cozy environment that was well suited to have great conversations, served quality freshly cooked meals and offered great draft beer and spirit selections.

Food Cooked And Made With All My Heart


What our clients think about us

This place is a little deceptive from the outside, but the amazing food
inside is well worth a wait. Service was prompt and pleasant and
our waitress was most helpful with the menu items...

John Colton